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The Ninth Dragon Shifter


Caden is a twenty-five year old college graduate who can't get a job outside of the one he's had since high school at the local souvenir shop in Dragon Strike Square. People come from all over to catch even a glimpse of Dragon King Valerius. The highlight of their visits is when the great black dragon flies far overhead.

Caden is an expert at telling stories about the king - mostly false, as Valerius has little to do with anyone and certainly nothing to do with a normal young man like him - and selling dragon-themed toys, always big sellers, especially the plushies, which make the prickly Dragon King seem sweet.

His father believes that the Shifters are at fault for the lack of job opportunities for humans. The Shifters' immortality is making it impossible for new people to get a position as they aren't retiring.

His mother believes that Shifters are a wonder and belongs to the Church of the Spirits, worshipping the Spirits who turn humans into Shifters.

His younger sister sways between their parents' positions, holding prejudices against the Shifters on the one hand, but on the other, she thinks they're beautiful and brilliant.

But all of the Bryce family are in agreement about one thing: none of them are ever going to be chosen by the Spirits to become a Shifter ...


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  • He looks nice though. I give him a 10.

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  • Does Caden have a scar on his face? From the picture, it looks like it but it could be the way his face is or a highlight.

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