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Only eight Dragon-Shifters exist.  They have divided the world between them and rule their kingdoms absolutely.  So what happens when a ninth Dragon-Shifter comes into being?

That is the question Dragon King Valerius must answer when a young man in his kingdom, Caden Bryce, is chosen by the Spirits to become the ninth Dragon-Shifter.

Ancient, aloof and, some would say, set in his ways, Valerius has no interest in taking Caden under his wing, literally or figuratively. He wants the young man out of his kingdom.  Let the others Dragon-Shifters deal with a potential upstart in their territories.

Caden has no intention of leaving his home or family, which means he’s staying in Valerius’ kingdom.  And he needs to learn how to control his Dragon-Shifting abilities.  Valerius is the obvious choice as teacher.

Can Caden convince Valerius to let him stay and teach him what he needs to know?  Can Caden do the seemingly impossible and soften the Dragon King’s heart?

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