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The Artifact: The Bodyguard (Gay Detective Romance) is the individual book series based off of the serial story, The Artifact!  This page is a place where Members will be able to download the e-versions of the books for FREE.  There will be three books in total.  As the books are released they will be added to this page for download in ePub, Mobi and PDF (the PDF is the most gorgeous). Members can download all the versions!

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When former detective Sean Harding is hired as Dane Gareis' bodyguard, he discovers his destiny.

Dane's life in danger from an ancient cult that seeks the return of a golden sarcophagus that houses their god. The cult has already murdered Dane's father and Dane is next unless someone can stand between him and this evil.  

Sean discovers that he wants to give more to Dane than just the protection of his gun arm.  Yet Sean believes that his feelings can never be returned, because Dane fears a man's touch.

As the danger grows all around them, can Sean save Dane both from the cult and the ghosts of his past?

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Dane Gareis thought that he would be broken forever - unable to be touched by any man after surviving a terrible assault.  But everything changed the moment that Sean Harding became his bodyguard. Though now he faces more danger than ever with the evil Ydrath seeking his life, with Sean by his side and guarding his back he’s determined to no longer be ruled by fear.

Sean Harding believed he would always be haunted by the death of his old team on the police force by the mysterious Scarred Man. But now he is ruled by a passion to keep the beautiful and brilliant Dane Gareis safe from the Ydrath at all costs.  His past, however, is not so easily escaped.

The danger he and Dane face is connected to the Powder that nearly took his life, but left him with inexplicable powers.




The stars have aligned.  But is that a sign that two lovers will save the world or that a dark god will rule it?


Time is running out for Dane, Sean and the Circle to stop the cultists’ dark god from awakening.  The cult leader is Michael Branish, Sean’s old boss and nemesis, who still wants to possess Sean in all ways.  Branish’s claws dig deep into the city’s police department, and Sean and Dane’s small Circle is the only thing standing in the way of darkness descending.


As the danger grows, Sean and Dane find strength in their love for one another.  Dane determines to shed the last remnants of trauma from his past. Memories of their former lives as Priest and Warrior awaken.  Have they been reincarnated to face this great evil? Will their past knowledge be enough for them to succeed against impossible odds?



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