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Billionaire needs protection against an ancient cult.

Former police detective, Sean Harding, lost everything after a drug-bust went wrong.  Obsessed with whoever is behind the sale of a deadly drug, the Powder, he loses himself until offered a bodyguarding job by the reclusive billionaire, Dane Gareis.

Unable to be touched after a brutal rape-kidnapping, Dane threw himself into collecting ancient artifacts. But a cult seeks the prize piece of his collection, a golden sarcophagus, and they will do anything to get it, including kill him.


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Dane Gareis


Beautiful and damaged, Dane Gareis, had never desired another man since he was viciously attacked as a teenager, but all of that had changed when he had seen a photo of former detective, Sean Harding.  Sean was one of the candidates chosen as a possible bodyguard for Dane, as the billionaire’s life was being threatened by the murderous Ydrath, an ancient cult that already claimed to have killed Dane’s father.  

Faced with the need to find a protector, and enamoured by the idea of having Sean near him, Dane eagerly offered Sean the job.  But will the haunted former detective take it?

Sean Harding

Sean Harding is a homicide detective with a sixth sense for evil.  Sean's world is turned upside down when a new drug hits Winter Haven's streets known only as the Powder that has ties to an ancient golden sarcophagus.  It kills everyone who takes it, but before they die, they seem to have super human knowledge.  Sean is determined to track the Powder to its source before wealthy Winter Haven is littered with the corpses of its youth.  But his quest for justice sends him down a dark and twisting path that seems to take everything good from him until he meets Dane Gareis.

Lt. Michael Branish


Lieutenant Michael Branish fixated on Detective Sean Harding the moment that he took over the Winter Haven Special Task and Narcotics Unit, known simply as the Unit.  He used the strength of his personality and body to overcome the detective when Sean was at his weakest after the death of a young man he had failed to save.  This one submission fueled Branish’s obsession for him.

Even after his death with the other members of the Unit, Branish haunts Sean.  Can Sean shake off his past and concentrate on his future protecting Dane Gareis?  Or does that past -- and Branish -- still have some role in play?

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