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Even the word seemed to have a certain weight, a certain sense of otherness and mystery. And those attributes fit the Kin perfectly.

The Kin are aliens that came to Earth in 5027 C.E. Their huge spaceships filled Earth’s skies like worldwide thunderclouds. The flagship of their massive fleet, the Abyss, caused a shadow to fall over the entirety of the San Angeles Megalopolis. Many thought it was the end of the world when the drop ships landed. For the Kin were beautiful like avenging angels coming down from the heavens.

If the Kin had come for a fight, humanity’s days might very well have been numbered. They were bigger, stronger, faster and smarter than human beings. Their Tech was by far superior. They had only one weakness: sunlight. It burned them to ashes. So they wore almost impenetrable armored suits that protected them from the sun's dangerous rays.

But war was not on the Kin’s agenda. Instead, they made humanity an offer. They would share their advanced technology with the Earthian High Command in exchange for one simple thing: human blood.

Because it was clear that the Kin could simply take what they wanted, an alliance was quickly formed. But there were those who resisted, those who thought that this was no alliance, but instead a slow and steady enslavement with perhaps even a blacker endpoint than making human beings into their cattle. After all, what had happened to the other species that had made a similar bargain with the Kin? No one knew.

The resistance fighters gave the Kin a darker name: Vampires.

Tranis Gray was the leader of the Resistance. He believed that he could convince humanity to throw off the Kin's golden shackles before it was too late. All he needed was time.

But time was the last thing he had.

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  • Interesting prologue, really like the take that vampires are aliens. Can't wait to dive into this story. ;)

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  • I cannot wait to get into this story! Never heard of this take on vampires and I love to read all I come across. Thanks!

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Anarion Gray

Anarion is the only survivor of a series of drug trials run by human scientists and the vampiric Kin. Unable to breed, the Kin are desperate to find a way to further their immortal race. The drug trials were to create a hybrid, but they went terribly wrong. Because of this, Anarion's parents, Mercy and Tranis, turned against the Kin and joined a resistance group. But Anarion's greatest desire is to join the Kin Commander Lord Abaddon's crew on the massive spaceship known as the Abyss. He has loved Abaddon since he met him as a child and the Kin Commander offered to take him away. Will he get his wish?

Lord Abaddon

Lord Abaddon is the leader of the vampiric, immortal Kin people.  He is over 1000 years old, but like all Kin, has no memory of what occurred before that time.  Some terrible incident wiped the Kin's memories clean.  Abaddon was behind the drug trials to create a hybrid.  He offered to take Anarion with him when Anarion was a boy, but the risk of starting an all out war with the humans, he had to let Anarion go.  Instead, he determined to keep close watch on Anarion and have the young man come to him when he was of age.  The Black Heart expedition is his chance.       


Icar was once Abaddon's second-in-command of the vampiric Kin and his loyal friend. But he went against the Kin Commander over 1000 years ago.  Abaddon vanguished him and all thought he was dead.  But then in a Blood Dream, Anarion remembers being attacked by an 'Icar' who is aiding the Resistance in a terrible plot and the Order of Shoath, an anti-human group, are organizing around him.  Could this be the same Icar that Abaddon defeated long ago or another taking on his name to gain support against Abaddon and the humans?

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