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The Kin came to Earth in their huge spaceships, appearing with godlike beauty and technology far beyond human dreams, but they also had an Achilles' heel.  The Kin need blood to survive and sunlight is toxic to them.  So their leader, Lord Abaddon, made an offer to humanity's leaders: tech for human blood.  While some thought of this deal as a boon to humanity, others saw it as a far darker thing.  Instead of calling them Kin, people whispered another word ... vampire. Among those who doubt the Kin's ultimate intentions is Tranis Gray.  His son, Anarion, has other feelings towards Lord Abaddon that grow into love as he grows up.

A planetary explorer, Anarion Gray has climbed from the slums to the military's elite ranks, but believes that his Lord Abaddon, has forgotten him. When Anarion meets up with Abaddon on a dangerous mission, he discovers just how much the Kin Leader needs him... body, mind, and soul. M/M, YAOI, GAY

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Anarion Gray

Anarion is the only survivor of a series of drug trials run by human scientists and the vampiric Kin. Unable to breed, the Kin are desperate to find a way to further their immortal race. The drug trials were to create a hybrid, but they went terribly wrong. Because of this, Anarion's parents, Mercy and Tranis, turned against the Kin and joined a resistance group. But Anarion's greatest desire is to join the Kin Commander Lord Abaddon's crew on the massive spaceship known as the Abyss. He has loved Abaddon since he met him as a child and the Kin Commander offered to take him away. Will he get his wish?

Lord Abaddon

Lord Abaddon is the leader of the vampiric, immortal Kin people.  He is over 1000 years old, but like all Kin, has no memory of what occurred before that time.  Some terrible incident wiped the Kin's memories clean.  Abaddon was behind the drug trials to create a hybrid.  He offered to take Anarion with him when Anarion was a boy, but the risk of starting an all out war with the humans, he had to let Anarion go.  Instead, he determined to keep close watch on Anarion and have the young man come to him when he was of age.  The Black Heart expedition is his chance.       


Icar was once Abaddon's second-in-command of the vampiric Kin and his loyal friend. But he went against the Kin Commander over 1000 years ago.  Abaddon vanguished him and all thought he was dead.  But then in a Blood Dream, Anarion remembers being attacked by an 'Icar' who is aiding the Resistance in a terrible plot and the Order of Shoath, an anti-human group, are organizing around him.  Could this be the same Icar that Abaddon defeated long ago or another taking on his name to gain support against Abaddon and the humans?

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