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A m/m modern re-telling of Beauty & the Beast ...

Nick Fairfax is the youngest son of a wealthy family, but he has never shared his father and older brothers’ love of money.  While his two brothers are eager to join their father in the family business of brutal corporate raiding, Nick’s heart pulls him in a different direction.

His passion for nature and ruin photography and ruins has long been a source of tension with his father.  Now that his junior year of college has just ended, Nick is only too sure why his father has summoned him for a lunch downtown.  He is filled with dread at the prospect of yet another bitter argument, but he steels himself to defend his choice of majors.

But all is not as he expected.  He enters his father’s upscale city office to find his father… and a strange hooded man with an unsettling aura of power.  Nick is drawn to the man at first, until he discovers that this shadowy figure has just ruined the family business.  The money, his father’s precious life blood, has run dry, and the family is left impoverished.

But there is one chance to save his father and brothers… if he agrees to become the hooded man’s personal assistant.  Nick holds no illusions about the demeaning and tedious work in store for him.  Will his desire to save his family be enough to sustain him through this nightmare?  And why does his mysterious boss never show his face?

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