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A dark mansion attracts an innocent boy who comes out changed.

Justin Devereaux’s parents have forbidden him to visit the abandoned LaMascares Mansion, but after his best friend disappears, Justin must follow her, awakening his long-dead ancestor, Peren LaMascares.

Peren leads Justin into a world of sex, magic, and old gods. Will Justin abandon all the morals he's ever had so that he can have the lust-filled passion that Peren offers forever?


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Justin Devereaux

Justin Devereaux wasn't like his parents at all.  It was the first thing that people commented on.  He was dark and they were light.  They walked in sunshine while he admired the night.  He was pale and slender while they were bigger, broader.   But he never realized how deep those differences might go.

Ellen Shafer

Ellen Shafer found a tunnel leading into her basement.  The whole of Winter Haven is riddled with them.  No one knows what -- or who -- is making them.  But then someone speaks to Ellen from the darkness and this person wants her best friend Justin Devereaux.

Peren LaMascares

Peren LaMascares was killed ages ago for necromancy.  He was the most powerful practioner of the Dark Arts in a family full of powerful practitioners.  Through him, Ashtareth can rise once again and overtake the world.  But his death stopped all that.  Unless, of course, he is brought back to continue the dark plan.

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