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Jace’s eagerness was like an aphrodisiac. The young man sat on the foot of the bed with Khoth standing above him. Gehenna had curled up outside in the garden. If he turned his head, he was certain he would see three blue-white eyes looking at them through the open doors. The eyes on Gehenna’s face and her tail

But he did not turn his head and he pushed the thought of her being near out of his mind. In truth, she was as near to him as Jace was. She was in Jace’s mind and, likely, would feel all that Jace did. Yet it felt like just the two of them as it should.

Jace was completely naked. Khoth wore only his pants. Khoth had one hand feathered through Jace’s hair, pulling that head back so that Jace was looking up at him. 

He swallowed at the way Jace’s pupils expanded until the blue iris was only a thin ring around the deep black pools of his pupils. The heightened flush on the tops of his cheekbones, pink instead of blue, was so alluring though Khoth wasn’t sure why. The peaked nipples as soon as Jace’s chest was bare no matter how warm the room caused his sex to swell and twitch. 

His dar’nac pressed against his pants, searching for a way out, a way to get to Jace.  His mate saw the movement and he quickly licked his lips. His eyes darted between Khoth’s face and his crotch. 

“They’re eager,” Jace breathed.


“Just yes,” Jace laughed nervously. “So simple. Yes, they are eager.”

“Yes, I desire you.”


“Yes, I wish to have you in all ways.”

Jace was swallowing then. “Okay.”

“So simple. You accept.” Khoth’s lips twitched.

He ran his fingers through Jace’s golden brown hair. His fingers getting tangled in the curls. Jace closed his eyes and purred at his touch. 

“I never knew having my hair touched could be erotic, but then everything is erotic with you,” Jace told him.

The dar’nac surged forward in his pants at those words. Jace was so powerful. He had the ability to save or destroy worlds with a thought. Khoth was nothing compared to him. But Jace gave over so much power to him in their relationship. Wanting him to teach. Wanting him to show. Wanting him to control. 

It pleased him. To take care of his mate. To relieve the burden of leadership from Jace’s shoulders when they were alone. This was where he could truly excel. He knew that weight of leadership. He knew how it could crush even the greatest of people under its heaviness. 

“Tonight, I wish you to taste my sex,” Khoth said.

Jace’s eyelids flew open. The color on his cheekbones flared a hotter red and the color streamed down Jace’s neck to pool at the hollow at the base of his throat. Khoth did not need the Osiris to tell him that Jace’s heart rate had gone up considerably or that his breathing had increased in rapidity. That was evident in the glassy-eyed look Jace gave him with lips parted and pink tongue that swept out and left a sheen of wetness.

“If you last from the experience, I will drink from you as well,” Khoth said.

“So–so one after another? Not together?” Jace asked.

Khoth lifted an eyebrow. “You know of such things?”

“Just read about them and maybe looked at a few pictures online, but I’ve never done it,” Jace told him.

While he should wish that his Izail had not been so sick as to curb his natural sexual urges, Khoth found himself pleased that he was first in almost all things. It was slightly barbaric to want this. But the Thaf’ell had developed their society the way they had, because at their base, their natures were wild and ungovernable. They made humanity’s darkest days seem peaceful and serene in comparison. 

Even the Eromen relationship had been developed to discourage the rapacious appetites of the old and guilty for the young and innocent. It codified what might otherwise lead to rape and subversion of all kinds. He would never hurt Jace in this way, but there was the thrill of teaching, of knowing that his touch would be the first and only that would grace Jace’s skin. 

“Yes, we will engage in that act as well, but not tonight. You have not yet developed the restraint to do so,” Khoth explained.

Jace swallowed deeply and he ducked his head. “Yeah, you just looking at me like you’re doing right now makes me want to cum. Somehow I think I’d orgasm the moment your mouth was on my cock and mine was on yours.”

“There is nothing unacceptable in that,” Khoth assured him, continuing to run his fingers through Jace’s thick locks. “Eagerness is its own reward.”

“I think I could get hard again pretty fast afterwards,” Jace told him with that shy, puppy-like eagerness. “Altaeth biology is the bomb.”

“Yes, I am sure there are many secrets that we will discover together about your body,” Khoth said, feeling incredibly eager himself.

His ta’na all the way down his back were tingling. That tingling was spreading out to every part of his body. This was so much more than simply lovemaking. Every time they were together, he guessed he was giving Jace strength and comfort perhaps on a truly physical as well as spiritual level. Again, this pleased him. To be of such use to his mate, his Izail, was all that one could wish for.

“So how do we start this?” Jace asked.

His mate’s fingers moved restlessly against Jace’s naked thighs. Jace’s lovely sex was already engorged and flushed even a darker rose than his cheeks. It was Khoth’s turn to swallow as he imagined that plump, velvety organ on his tongue. He wasn’t sure if Jace would last to still be hard after this exchange but he thought he needed to, at least, take Jace’s cock into his mouth and lick it clean of semen after Jace was spent.

“Undo my pants and release my sex,” Khoth instructed.

“Release the kraken!” Jace laughed. “Sorry, sorry, the dar’nac remind me of–”

“An octopus?” Khoth’s eyebrows rose as he saw in Jace’s mind a massive sea creature with many tentacles rising from the deep, wrapping a water-based vessel in its mighty tendrils, and pulling it down into the deep.

“Yeah. A little.” Jace grinned at him.

“You make my sex seem very impressive. A sea monster of great repute,” Khoth remarked with a chuckle.

“It’s just so… alive.” 

Jace undid the fastenings to Khoth’s pants. Khoth shifted his bare feet on the cold stone floor as Jace took his time to open his pants and reveal his sex. Those hands brushed so closely to the dar’nac that they stretched out and wound around Jace’s fingers. Jace let out a delighted laugh.

“They really want me! I mean you really want me,” Jace said with a sense of awe as if he couldn’t believe that Khoth would be so desirous of him.

“More than anything, Izail. Your comfort and love are all that matter to me,” Khoth stated.

Jace’s head lifted to his face. He’d been staring with an almost glee at the dar’nac and their eager mouthing of his fingers. Jace’s expression went from one sort of awe to another. His eyes shimmered with emotions that raced too quickly over their bond to identify.

“You always tell me how the Thaf’ell seek balance between their Xi and Xa. Never allowing their feelings to outstrip their logic. But then you say these things to me. These romantic, soul-lifting things and I can’t help but think you should all be poets and not warriors at all,” Jace told him.

Khoth blinked slowly at Jace’s heartfelt words. In Jace’s mind, he saw the young man considering what would happen once the threat of the Khul were gone. What would Thaf’ell society become if there was not this existential threat over its head? There would always be some enemy perhaps, but not the same as the Khul. Once they were gone, depending on who was in charge, there could be a great renaissance for the Thaf’ell of art, culture and science. All those who had dedicated themselves to the draagves and rahir could look to other things to devote their minds and bodies to. It could be a time of unparalleled peace and prosperity, justice and order. 

May the Empire always shine, a voice whispered in his head and he wondered if it came from Jace.

He shook his head and smiled down at Jace. Wherever the voice had come from, it seemed benign. At least for now.

“You are what makes me feel so, Izail. I am not this way for anyone else,” Khoth told him.

“Amazing. You just keep doing it.” Jace smiled at him. “I wish I had the words you do. I can just show you how I feel.”

And through their bond, Khoth felt how Jace thought of him. He was the center of Jace’s happiness. Because of him, Jace could take on the burdens of being the Pilot with joy instead of fear. Jace could lead with love instead of anger. He would embrace all that came instead of holding it away from him.

“Izail,” Khoth breathed. 

Jace turned his head into Khoth’s hand that had cupped his cheek. “I can be who I’m meant to be–no, my best self–because of you. You let me be the Pilot the way I wish to be. The way I hoped I would be.”

“I am honored beyond words,” Khoth confessed. His Xi shimmered happily.

“Just facts, Khoth. The truth.” Jace smiled up at him. “Now… teach me this. Please.”

“Whatever you wish, Izail,” Khoth said. Gathering himself, he breathed in and out and then said “Will you open your pretty mouth for me?” 

Jace blinked and did so. Khoth’s sex lifted from the nest of dar’nac and quested towards the opening between those wet lips. Jace’s eyes widened then closed as the head of his sex touched the tip of Jace’s tongue. 

His mate naturally closed his lips around the head of Khoth’s sex and swallowed. Khoth gasped and his hand tightened in Jace’s hair. Heat and wet and suction were all happening at once. Jace’s clever tongue quested around the head of his sex, exploring, licking, probing the slit where his semen would come from. Jace’s eyes widened at the taste of him and then closed. His mate’s thoughts were filled with wonder that he tasted as sweet as the juice Jace so enjoyed but with a tarter punch. 

Jace’s mouth opened further and his mate took more of him inside. Khoth’s cock lengthened, becoming narrower, but longer so that it could easily fill Jace’s mouth and go into the tight embrace of his mate’s throat. The dar’nac were like little hungry mouths, eager to taste Jace. They quested over Jace’s lips, chin and nose. Jace laughed around his sex as the dar’nac moved so eagerly. He knew from Jace’s mind that it tickled. But for him it was as if each dar’nac were a tiny sex, all engorged and on fire. His whole body felt alight with Jace’s touch. The heat ran from his groin up his spine, filling each of the ta’na before spreading out in all directions. His toes tingled with the heat.

Jace swallowed more of him. Khoth’s right hand went to his mate’s throat. He stroked the front of it gently, but firmly urging Jace to release the tension there and let him in.  He had told Jace that for them to taste each other at the same time would be too much for the young man’s inexperience, but he was having a difficult time holding himself back right now. 

Just to see Jace’s eyelids, half shut, his cheeks flushed, his pink, swollen lips spread around his sex was almost too much in and of itself. The memory of this alone would cause him to harden and orgasm if he were ever without Jace. But he had to maintain control. He dug the fingernails of his free hand into his palm, letting the faint discomfort settle him. His other hand had slid upwards and was curling around that strong jaw, keeping Jace in place, not allowing him to move. 

Jace seemed to know what he should do. The sucking and swallowing and the moving of his head up and down Khoth’s shaft. He had read of such things but also, Jace was picking these things up from his mind. He was teaching Jace without words, which was good as his mouth only seemed capable of letting out deep moans. 

Khoth let his head drop back and closed his eyes even as he pressed his hips towards Jace’s mouth. He wanted to feel them kiss the base of his sex, be enveloped by the dar’nac. Jace accepted him, relaxing his throat, taking him in. The dar’nac fanned over Jace’s lips and jaw, pulsing eager. Jace opened his mouth further and took some of them inside. 

Khoth let out an inarticulate cry. The dar’nac swelled inside of Jace’s mouth, thrumming with pleasure and heat. Jace’s tongue quested among them. Tasting them. Feeling them. Almost weighing them. 

Jace’s hands, which had dropped back down onto his lap this whole time, were suddenly gripping Khoth’s hips. The pants fell to the floor, pooling around his feet. Cool air caressed his ass. He tightened his muscles there as Jace pulled his groin closer to the young man’s face. Then he drew back, revealing Khoth’s dar’nac and his sex to the cooler air compared to his hot mouth. Khoth whined and tried to thrust his hips forward, but Jace controlled him. He did not allow Khoth to move. He controlled when he dove back down and swallowed all of Khoth’s sex again, dar’nac and all, before pulling off nearly to the tip. His saliva cooling and glistening along the blue length of Khoth’s sex.

I know what you want, Khoth. I know what you like. You’re teaching me with every thought and every moan, Jace’s voice filled his mind to the exclusion of all else.

This was what it was like to be truly a part of another. No longer was he in his own bubble, questing outwards to find some warmth and connection within the clearly defined parameters of Thaf’ell society. No, he was with Jace completely. There was no sunlight between them. He was not alone. He would never be alone again, but it was not suffocating or controlling. It was freeing. It was a balm for all the times he had longed to be loved and be first with his parents, his sister, his lovers and never had been. Now he was first. He was precious. 

Jace’s hands left his hips and slid around to his ass. He squeezed the globes of Khoth’s ass. His fingers deftly dipped into the crevice between them. His opening tingled. He wondered what it would be like to have the thicker cock inside of him. Not a Thaf’ell sex organ that was lean and limber, but something hard, yet velvety. Something that demanded entry and acceptance. He shivered with the very thought of it. As much as he wanted to be inside of Jace that way, he wanted Jace inside of him just the same.

Jace took him into his mouth down to the very root of his sex, dar’nac too, once more. His eyelids cracked open and Khoth could see that Jace’s eyes were glowing that electric blue. But he knew that Jace was not communicating with the Osiris or Gehenna at that moment. He was fully focused on Khoth. It was their connection that made Jace glow.

Just like my ta’na do when we are together.

The pull of his orgasm erased all coherent thought. Heat and tingling flooded his system. Khoth’s arms stretched wide as his sex plumped and thrummed. He would cum. His seed would fill Jace’s mouth and throat. He needed to tell his mat this, warn him if he did not wish to partake. But Jace did. There was no doubt.

Jace’s fingers dug into the muscles of his ass, keeping Khoth’s sex fully inside of him, as his orgasm had his seed gushing out of him. Jace moaned around his sex. The vibrations caused his dar’nac to quiver with pleasure. Jace drank him down, relishing the taste of him, wanting more even as the last spurt left him. He suckled on Khoth’s spent sex even as Khoth’s legs trembled beneath him.

He had thought that Jace would be overcome by this, but his mate–like he was in all things–was quite capable. He eased off his tender sex and helped Khoth to lay down on the bed. Pleasure continued to ripple through him. His body trembled with it. Jace curled against his side, his cock still hard and needy against Khoth’s thigh. The dar’nac quested eagerly for that sweet organ. They wanted to take Jace inside again. But Khoth longed to taste Jace on his tongue.

“Rest, Khoth. Be at ease,” Jace said thickly. 

He had no ability to speak. He could only act. 

With his body still thrumming and trembling, his mouth covered Jace’s in a kiss, but he did not linger there even as he chased his own taste on Jace’s tongue. He kissed lower over Jace’s chin, down his throat, over the hills and valleys of the muscles in his chest. He allowed his tongue to run around the softer skin of Jace’s areolas, which had Jace arching upwards. But even that pleasing response was not enough to keep Khoth there.

He went lower still. He licked down Jace’s belly. He kissed the treasure trail of hair to his stiff and leaking cock. Jace’s hands were suddenly fisted in his hair. He looked up at his mate’s face. Jace’s expression was eager and desperate.

“Your mouth touches me there and I will cum, Khoth. I can’t–can’t hold back,” Jace got out.

“Good,” Khoth managed to get out of lips useless for anything else other than pleasuring Jace.

He hovered above the rose-colored head. The opalescent fluid was different from his own. He licked along the glistening slit and Jace nearly levitated off of the bed. But this time it was Khoth who controlled things. He lay between Jace’s legs. His hands were firmly on his mate’s powerful hips. 

Jace tasted so different from a Thaf’ell. His precum was more musky, earthy and salty. It truly tasted of sex. The most primal moment of it. As if that were distilled down to a singular taste. His mouth watered.

He swallowed the head of Jace’s cock. His mate let out a garbled scream. His hands tightened in Khoth’s hair, pulling it pleasantly. More of that earthy, musky taste flowed onto his tongue. He lapped at the slit, enjoying it like he would a meal. 

His tongue quested downwards. There was a prominent vein on the backside of Jace’s cock. When he pushed up against it with his cock, Jace’s whole body jumped. Through their bond Jace was seeing colors. Vibrant colors that burst like fireworks behind his eyelids. 

Khoth swallowed down more of Jace’s cock. One inch. Two inches. Three. Four. He kept going even as Jace spoke in no known language, just babbled as if incapable of rational speech. Khoth’s lower lip touched the nest of curls around the base of Jace’s cock where his balls were. 

He knew by the frantic hold on his hair and the swelling of Jace’s cock in his mouth and throat that his mate could not hold on much longer. Any moment, the wave would crest and Jace would crash down on the other side of his orgasm. Khoth would be rewarded with his seed and his cries of completion. 

And then it happened. He sucked. Jace arched. His cock plumped a fraction more. And there was a burst of heat as Jace came. His mate cried out. Not in pain. Pleasure. Unbelievable pleasure. The colors became blinding as if they were gazing into a star’s heart.

Jace’s seed poured into him. He drew it down into his belly. He absorbed yet more of Jace. Their mating had established the mental link. This time that link was strengthened. But he also felt as if a part of his mind was unlocked. Freed. 

He was with Jace in the colors. In the spaces between them. The heart of stars. 

Nothing had ever made him feel so complete.

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  • Sooooo I've been wondering. Can pregnancy happen between these two? I am wondering if the alterations to Jace made that possible ?

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  • In reply to: Rainaloona592

    Can pregnancy happen between these two? I am wondering if the alterations to Jace made that possible ?
    No, I do not do MPREG. It's not my kink so I don't do it.

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  • Thaf’ell sex take the phrase thinking with your little head to a whole different level. It would not surprise me if the dar’nac had a brain of its own that works separately but together with Khoth. That that allows it to move independently.

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  • In reply to: MimikyuMimic

    It would not surprise me if the dar’nac had a brain of its own that works separately but together with Khoth. That that allows it to move independently.
    They definitely behave as if they are independent! I think it's like breathing where the body just does what it needs to do.

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  • Release the kraken!”

    Indeed! :D

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  • In reply to: Lionel-Rowe


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  • I wasn't able to read Empire of Stars for a while, but I just caught up today, and regarding the previous chapter:

    Thammah, Matzen, and Davies sleeping in the same space? Are we getting an OT3? :D Yes, yes, yes! I hope poly is accepted in Thaf’ell society.

    As for any poly-haters out there, with all due respect, I say to thee, :p

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  • In reply to: Lionel-Rowe

    Yes, yes, yes! I hope poly is accepted in Thaf’ell society.
    I can see this as not a problem for them

    As for any poly-haters out there, with all due respect, I say to thee, :p
    Though I have found some people are not with it, it's not the main couple and they can skip if they don't like. And this is to EVERYONE: if you don't like, don't read, just skip!

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  • The way I had to pause halfway through this chapter to absorb the preciousness of their intimacy and the raw hotness of the sexy times… I still have butterflies??? Just loving the progress of their relationship ?

    His parents are so cute!!

    I was totally rooting fo Thammah and Matzen to have some feelings, but if you add Davies to the mix… that’d be interesting ?

    Hope Gehenna becomes pettable soon for her sake! (But will she try to sleep in bed with Jace and Khoth? Oh lord ?)

    Raythe, once again, pay for my medical bills cause I CANNOT.

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  • In reply to: babyxo

    The way I had to pause halfway through this chapter to absorb the preciousness of their intimacy and the raw hotness of the sexy times…
    I'm definitely having fun with the alien sex, but these two are just perfect together.

    His parents are so cute!!
    They are!

    (But will she try to sleep in bed with Jace and Khoth? Oh lord ?)
    They would be sliced to ribbons is she tried!

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