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Jace still couldn’t get over how strong Khoth was. He’d lifted and carried Jace as if he weighed no more than a slightly plump cat. Or a plump pig. Like Chili. But maybe thinking of animals at a time like this wasn’t really appropriate. He wasn’t sure. He’d never done anything like this before. 

And it was with Khoth.

Khoth who made him a little dizzy even when he just thought of the Thaf’ell’s name. Khoth who made his heart skip a beat and then patter a little harder the moment he saw him. Khoth who would die for him. Khoth who he would die for. Thinking about dying was really inappropriate at a time like this! He knew that. But still. Khoth meant so much to him and he wanted to tell the other man. Yet the words seemed stuck in his throat. 

Khoth lightly set him down on the stone floor of the bathing chamber. The stone was warm. It was heated. The AIs showed him the ingenious ways that water--heated by the sun--was pumped beneath the stone floor and--no, no, no, thinking about plumbing really wasn’t appropriate! But the bathing room was beautiful.

It was a long room, rectangular, with the opposite narrow end being made out of frosted glass that allowed the sunlight to stream in. Shadows from tree branches tapped against the glass as the wind outside shook them. He could see shadows of leaves falling down and disappearing from sight.

Unlike most human bathrooms, this one did not contain a toilet or sink. Those were kept in separate areas. This truly was a bathing room. A tub was built into the floor  right by the frosted glass window. In the ceiling above the tub were two large squares of metal with holes punched into them in elaborate designs. It took him a moment to realize that those were the shower heads. The AIs, wanting to be helpful, turned the taps on for them, adjusting the temperature so that both he and Khoth could wash off and then soak in the tub with ease. 

“Did you…?” Khoth pointed to the running water.

“The AIs. They’re really desperate to help. In any way they can. The water temperature will be perfect though,” Jace assured him. 

He was surprised by how articulate he sounded. He even made sense! That was something. He could already imagine the hot water on his bare skin. Or better yet on Khoth’s bare skin. He wanted to lick it off.  Did people do that? Would Khoth like that? He’d watched plenty of porn, but it had always left him a little cold. Maybe because he couldn’t imagine ever being able to touch and be touched as the actors were in the movies. But now he did have his chance.

Definitely going to get clean. But then dirty. And then clean again.

Jace found himself blushing at his own thoughts.  But shouldn’t he be focusing on what should happen in real life next? Forget fantasies. He had Khoth all to himself! Alone! With water! And the promise of sexy times. So...

Jace only had on his pants, but Khoth was still fully dressed. Jace stepped a few feet away on legs that seemed strangely weak so that he could see all of Khoth. But he was truly recovered. Well, mostly recovered. The weak knees were from the thought of what was going to happen with Khoth. What he wanted to happen

I can inform you of all Thaf’ell sexual practices with diagrams and--

Osiris! No! I told you, I want Khoth to teach me. I want to be in this moment with him and no distractions, Jace begged the AI.

I must inform you of one thing--

No! No! I don’t want to know! Jace interrupted.

The Osiris went silent. Jace told himself he didn’t care what the Osiris had to tell him. He didn’t need to know. He’d figure it out by himself. By doing instead of just knowing. Yet even as Khoth unzipped his boots and Jace should have been fascinated with the graceful way that Khoth removed his clothing with no affect and no shame or embarrassment as if them getting naked together was no palm-sweating work, he wasn’t focused. At least, not entirely. The Osiris’ words kept coming to him and interfering with his enjoyment.

The Osiris doesn’t tell me too much extraneous information, Jace reasoned with himself. Maybe I should listen to what it has to say.

I send you no extraneous information, the Osiris contradicted. Very tartly. That you wish to be ignorant--

Osiris! I’m sorry! Don’t be mad, Jace said.

I am incapable of petty emotions such as anger, the Osiris answered, sounding piqued, if not angry.

Of course, you aren’t. Jace strove hard not to roll his eyes, mentally or physically. Just tell me whatever it is that you were going to tell me before and I told you not to.

Khoth had toed off both boots and was removing his outer jacket. Just seeing more of that blue skin had a zing of desire running from Jace’s cock all the way up his spine into his skull. He, again, felt almost drunk on Khoth. It was a fabulous, slightly out of control feeling. But since he knew he was utterly safe with his Commander, he could be out of control without fear. 

After the Khul attack, he should be all tense and thinking only of weapons and defense and strategies. Some part of his brain was working on that. But he needed this. Because against the horror of the Khul, he needed to remember what was good and right and wonderful with the universe. Khoth was all of those things.

Osiris, aren’t you going to tell me this non-extraneous bit of information that you wanted to before? Jace asked. 

It sounded a little like pleading, but Khoth had now removed his jacket and there was only a thin, form-fitting white undershirt beneath it. The shirt clung to the Thaf’ell’s impressive physique. 

And after he’s done with his shirt then he will take his pants off and I’ll get to see his cock. Or whatever he has. Which is likely different. And cool. Definitely going to be sexy, because everything about Khoth is sexy and--

I thought you wished to know what I was going to say, the Osiris interrupted his stream of lustful consciousness.

Jace almost had to shake his head to clear it as Khoth’s shirt was now off. Khoth was tossing his hair back to resettle it. Unlike when Jace took off his shirt it didn’t stand on end and point in every different direction. No, Khoth’s hair remained silky smooth rather like a horse’s mane.

Yes, please tell me! Quick, because my brain is going to fry! Jace pleaded.

I was only going to remind you that you are Altaeth, the Osiris answered.

What? Jace blinked and he was certain his eyes flashed blue as Khoth paused with his thumbs under the waistband of his pants and looked at him carefully. What does that mean, Osiris?

No answer.


“Is everything all right, Jace?” Khoth’s voice was in that low, sexy register it took on when they were alone like this. It had an almost gruff rumble to it. 


You will learn by experience, the Osiris whispered.

Jace blinked and focused on Khoth. “Oh, ah, yeah, everything’s ah… well…”

“If you wish to stop, Jace, we will stop.” Khoth actually reached to put his shirt back on.


Jace grabbed it first and threw it out of the room. Khoth watched it fly through the air, hit a lamp and then slowly slide to the ground.

“Ah, Jace…” Khoth turned back to him, blinking.

“I don’t want you to put your clothes on. Like ever!” Jace stated stupidly. He winced. “I mean…”

“I know what you mean.”

Khoth actually smiled, slowly and seductively, and Jace was robbed of the ability to speak again as that zing of arousal coursed through him. That zing increased as Khoth’s hands once more went to the waistband of his trousers. Jace drew in a sharp breath as Khoth pushed them down over his groin and thighs before stepping out of them. 

Khoth was naked.

Fully, totally naked.

Khoth stood up. His hands were at his sides. He was not barring Jace’s view of him. Jace found himself unable to tear his eyes away from Khoth’s face though. He really wanted to see Khoth’s cock. But was that rude? If he stared or said something unfortunate--or said nothing at all other than guh--would that be a massive Thaf’ell faux pas? Maybe he should have gotten all that info from the Osiris, or better yet, from Gehenna when she’d been with him. She wouldn’t have made him feel silly for wanting to know. Not that the Osiris made him feel silly. More that the Osiris turned it into a clinical discussion and there was nothing clinical about seeing Khoth naked.

“Do you wish to look upon me?” Khoth spread his hands to the side, offering a view of his front.

“Y-yes,” Jace’s voice was soft and it cracked with desire. He swallowed and answered more firmly, “Yes. God, yes.”

He slowly lowered his eyes from Khoth’s face to his magnificent chest. The basic structure of the Thaf’ell chest was similar to a human’s, but Khoth was simply more. There were more muscles really. He had a longer torso that allowed Jace to trace every hill and valley of his eight-pack easily. 

And then his gaze dropped a little further down and he saw it. 

“Wow,” he gasped out, unable to help himself. But then he quickly added, “Oh, I shouldn’t say--”

“You can say whatever you like, Jace. You can feel whatever you want,” Khoth assured him. “I do not want you to be afraid.”

“I’m not! You’re… you’re beautiful,” Jace murmured.

And Khoth was. Though he was also different. His cock was longer than a human’s, more like ten inches, but thinner and seemingly more limber in a nest of white curls. It moved, almost questing in the air in front of Khoth. The head was slightly bulbous like the head of a human penis and there was an opening for where Khoth could likely ejaculate. 

The shaft was blue, but a sort of glowing blue, slightly translucent. Jace could see glowing structures inside. About an inch down the shaft was a ribbed section of the relatively smooth organ and Jace felt a rush of heat between his legs at the thought of that moving inside of him. Rubbing inside of him. 

And then at the base were dozens of glowing blue tendrils that moved independently of the shaft or air currents. They looked to have almost little mouths on the end and Jace’s stomach muscles tightened. What did they do? What could they be made to do? Another flush of heat went through him.

“Do you have questions?” Khoth asked, being so careful not to move towards him, or so Jace thought.

Jace could not stay away. He couldn’t help himself. He was advancing with a hand out towards that beautiful, questing cock. 

“I want to touch you. Can I touch you? I mean I want to… you know… that… there… it looks like it wants me to,” Jace got out.

Khoth blued. “Yes, I want you to, and there is only me. I could not hide my eagerness if I tried.”

This was Khoth--all Khoth--that wanted him. This was what Khoth felt and wasn’t saying. Maybe his cock’s actions said more than words ever could. 

“That’s--that’s wild,” Jace murmured as he took Khoth’s cock in his right hand.

He grasped it lightly around the middle, just below the ribbed section. It was warm, almost hot, against his palm and silky smooth. The tip arched up to press against the underside of his arm. The tendrils at the base, too, reached out for him, questing along the backs of his fingers. Jace let out a laugh.

“Wow,” he repeated. “Wow. Wow. Wow.”

“Do you like it?” Khoth murmured.

He was so near. His breath gushed over Jace’s forehead. Jace slowly lifted his face to look up into Khoth’s. Their lips were half an inch apart. Khoth’s hair hung down over them. Some of it spilled over Jace’s shoulder and brushed his chest. He lightly squeezed Khoth’s cock. The Thaf’ell grunted.

“Was that a good or bad grunt?” Jace asked.

He felt the tip of Khoth’s cock quest against his forearm and something wet was left behind.

“Very good,” Khoth answered.

“I--I stroke mine. Do you like that?” Jace asked.

Really, why hadn’t he asked the Osiris about this exactly? He should have asked for diagrams and Thaf’ell porn! Did the Thaf’ell have porn? Of course, they did! Of course, every species had something like that. Maybe? Probably?  Now he sounded like a complete noob! He had wanted to learn, but maybe he sounded dumb.

One of Khoth’s hands covered his, threading their fingers together as he started to move their joined hands over his cock. There was something utterly thrilling about touching another man’s sex, which was better than touching his own, especially when he could see Khoth’s expressions so closely as his palm glided over that silky, throbbing head or as his fingers ran up and down the ribbed section. Khoth’s eyes hooded. They were a deep blue, so dark that they were almost black and yet they appeared filled with stars. Pinpoints of light appeared in them. Galaxies. Jace’s lips parted at the sheer beauty of it.

When their joined hands reached the tendrils at the base, Khoth let out a soft grunt. His tongue snaked out and wetted his lips. His breathing increased as the tendrils snaked around Jace’s hand, drawing it down farther into their nest. 

“What do these do?” Jace asked, his own mind going wild at the thought of them curling around his cock or surging inside of him. 

“Oh, so much,” Khoth murmured. “Let me show you.”

Jace felt the warm wet head of Khoth’s cock bump against his stomach. To say it bumped wasn’t actually accurate. Jace looked down and saw that the tip was trying to get into his pants.  It was testing the waistband rather like a clever cat attempting to get a treat, but was stymied by not having opposable thumbs. Jace chuckled. 

“It’s cute,” Jace confessed. “I shouldn’t say that, but--”

“Why not? Is that bad?”

“No, it’s not bad. It’s like the sexiest thing ever. And to think it's you. And that you want me this much…” Jace swallowed. “I want you the same. I really do. I just don’t know if I’ll be any good at this.”

“You are wonderful,” Khoth assured him. All seriousness.

“Well, one thing I can tell you is that my cock isn’t half as fun or interesting as yours,” Jace told him.

“We shall see about that.”

Khoth’s clever hands were taking off his pants. Jace was grateful for this, because his body simply wasn’t working. Desire seemed to have short circuited some of his higher brain functions.

Soon, cool air was circulating around his bare abdomen and groin. His cock was completely hard and curled upwards towards his belly. Precum slicked the head that was a deep, rosy red. His balls were already tight against his body and he was pretty sure that Khoth just had to look at him and he might cum right then and there.

“Let me see you,” Khoth said.

Jace forced his one free hand to stay at his side. Khoth’s cock tendrils were not letting his other hand go. That was good, because he was sure he’d squirm if they did. Khoth’s eyes roamed over his naked body, seemingly memorizing and devouring every inch of him. When that gaze landed upon his cock, Jace drew in a deep breath and felt a thrill of heat move into his balls.

“See? Not as fun,” Jace said uncertainly.

“You are perfect,” Khoth murmured as his free hand cupped Jace’s cock and balls, caressing them, weighing them, fondling him.

“Oh, God…” Jace hissed through his teeth. “I might cum any second now. I might… you touching me is so--so--so--”

And then Khoth’s cock was getting into the action. It somehow escaped their joined hands and wound around Jace’s cock. The tip curled over and opened. It sucked the head of Jace’s cock inside of it like a sheath for a blade. The tendrils elongated and were streaming around his balls and suctioning against them and his perineum. 

Jace’s hands were scrabbling against Khoth’s shoulders as Khoth’s cock squeezed around his sex and sucked at the same time. He swore he saw stars not just in Khoth’s eyes, but everywhere. 

Khoth was lifting him up. Jace’s legs wound around his waist again. That allowed the tendrils to quest further back. They wanted to find an opening into his body. They wanted to be inside of him. 

A billow of hot steam hit Jace’s back before Khoth brought them under the rush of water. It sluiced over their joined bodies and blinded him for a moment. Jace drew in a deep breath as he had almost forgotten to breathe with the squeeze and suction of his cock. He should have cum already. But the squeeze held off the near imminent ejaculation.

When I do, I’ll be cumming inside of Khoth, Jace realized.

Khoth’s sex organ had completely engulfed the head of his cock and about half an inch more. Seeing that--seeing them joined like that--had Jace’s stomach muscles rippling with increased pleasure. It felt so right.

Khoth’s mouth was on his then and it was as if the Thaf’ell was giving him air with their kisses. Khoth’s tongue seemed longer and more nimble as it twined with his. That taste! Khoth’s taste danced on his tongue. He felt like he was taking something of Khoth inside of him, analyzing it and absorbing it. He would always have something of Khoth within him this way. 

The hot water sluiced over their bare skin. Jace kissed Khoth’s mouth but then was chasing water rivulets down his chin and throat and chest. All the while, Khoth’s cock massaged his shaft and head. His balls were caressed and enveloped by the tendrils that pulsed all around him. 

Jace’s fingers raked down Khoth’s arms as the pleasure built to an almost unbearable height. His cock was so hard that it felt like it might burst open like ripe fruit. His balls throbbed with the need to ejaculate that he thought they might just pop as well. Heat like in a volcano built and built and built within him. He knew he was going to orgasm. Should he tell Khoth? Warn him? What was polite or right?

“Khoth, going to--going to cum. Can’t hold it back,” Jace practically wept against the Thaf’ell’s mouth.

“Let go, Izail,” Khoth whispered.

The Thaf’ell word didn’t quite translate, because it was a sacred word from Khoth alone. Had the Osiris told him this or did he simply know? Had he plucked the meaning from Khoth’s own head? Because it was a singular word that Khoth had for the person for him. 




Jace's whole body arched back, the water sliding between their connected forms, as his orgasm wrecked him. His toes curled. His fingers clenched. His eyes tightly shut. The heat inside of him burst forth. His cum surged out of him and into Khoth. 

Khoth’s cock seemed to drink down his ejaculate. Swallowing around his head. Causing Jace to keen in yet more exquisite pleasure. His mind seemed to expand outwards for a moment and he could see… everything

All of it. The universe. The plan. The past. Where it all went wrong and right. All of it was there in that silent, orgasmic moment. He hardly knew he was in his body at all. 

Except for Khoth’s warmth. That pulled him back to himself. Wanting to be against that warmth. Wanting to be a part of that warmth. Needing to be with Khoth. Not caring about anything else. 

He crashed back down into his body, but somehow Khoth didn’t not fall under the renewed weight of him. But, of course, his body hadn’t gone anywhere. It hadn’t fallen down from the skies above. It had always been in Khoth’s arms while his mind and soul had… he didn’t know where they had gone for a millisecond. But this was where they wanted to be. Wanted to stay.

His arms were around Khoth’s neck. His forehead rested against Khoth’s left shoulder. The Thaf’ell kissed the side of his throat softly, gently, eagerly. He rocked Jace and was humming. A lullaby. A lover’s tune. Something low and soft and unutterably sweet. It soothed Jace, washing away all the fear and pain and uncertainty that he’d felt since the Khul had attacked.

His eyelids were shut, but he was seeing a soft blue glow behind his lids. He slowly opened them and realized the light was real. An electric blue cutting through the water and reflecting against the white stone. Jace blinked and squinted. Where was the light coming from? 

And then he realized where it originated.

From Khoth himself. 

The glowing came from Khoth’s back. Jace must have made some sound in response to seeing it. Khoth stiffened. Jace pulled back so that he could see Khoth’s face. His beautiful, beloved Thaf’ell though wouldn’t quite meet his eyes. 

“Khoth?” Jace touched his chin, trying to get him to look up. But Khoth’s gaze remained downcast. “Khoth, what--”

“I am yours,” Khoth whispered.  

Jace blinked slowly. The remnants of his release perhaps still clouding his mind. What was Khoth saying? Had this been more than just sex? Of course, it had been for Jace. For him, it had been an out of body experience. One that he wanted to repeat. But it was more than that. He swore he could feel Khoth inside of him. He could truly feel him much like he did the Osiris or Gehenna, but deeper. He couldn’t quite explain it.

“You do not have to feel the same,” Khoth’s voice was low and raw. “But I am yours, Izail.”

“Khoth,” Jace repeated, awe filling him as he realized--at least, in part--what had happened. “We… mated?”

“I am yours,” Khoth simply repeated.

Why was Khoth so sad then?  Wasn’t this cause for celebration? Jace wanted to pop champagne and scream it to the heavens!  Did Khoth not want it then? Did he regret this? They had just met after all. Jace was not Thaf’ell. He wasn’t even human. He was something other. As other as there could be. And yet… no, that wasn’t it. The mournful tone in Khoth’s voice was from anguish that this connection was not reciprocated.

Khoth, I love you, Jace said, but not out loud. In his mind. The words stuck again. Too large to speak.

Yet Khoth heard him.

Khoth’s head lifted. Eyes widening and still filled with stars. “Jace, is that you?”

Yes, it’s me! Can you hear me? Can you--

“I hear you.” Khoth touched his temple. “I hear you!”

I love you, Khoth. I love you. I love you. I love you, Jace repeated endlessly.

Khoth made a little cry and was kissing Jace again and again and again. And Jace could feel just how deeply he was loved back. He could feel Khoth in his body, his mind and in his soul.

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  • As someone who loves a good fantasy Romance but finds sexual scenes in books and other media to be awkward. Things I just kind of have to skim through or ignore all together. I have to say hot ?.

    Khoth biology seems to be able to move very well on its own I wonder if it literally has he mind of its own to some degree?

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  • Dead. I'm dead. WOW. Can't wait for the next chapter!

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    Just posted now!

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  • It’s supposed to say I was drooling while reading lmao. Auto correct is crazy lmao

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  • In reply to: tamekabu84

    LOL! Understood!

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  • Is it sad that I was ? while reading? Because it’s was amazing and you never disappoint

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  • In reply to: tamekabu84

    Thank you!

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  • WOW!!! That’s all I can say…

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  • In reply to: Gene63

    That says enough!

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  • WHEW CHILE. The way I had butterflies in my stomach from these last two chapters alone? Uncalled for Raythe. This is honestly a stunning chapter though and I will be rereading it until it’s updated next month & beyond hahah! So intense, but what else can you expect from these two? Jace’s out of body (LITERALLY) experience? WHAT?? Khoth’s eyes becoming supernova?? HOW?? I would love to have a drawing of his eyes in that state. Sounds SO cool! And we have so much to see still with new crew members, Khoth’s old buddy from his old crew, where the heck Gehenna went, how the rents are & more… WILD.

    It’d be super dope to have a chapter or section to Khoth’s parents having a one-on-one conversation too!

    So good. So good.

    *Insert Shia Labeouf’s intense, serious clapping gif here*

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