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He was insane. That was the only reasonable explanation for kissing Jace. After he had told his mother that he would not use Jace’s--or his own, though that was unspoken--attraction to move the young man in any direction he’d still kissed Jace! Kissed him! After spending the night evidently wound around him like some vine. 

His lips still remembered the kiss. His right hand drifted up to them, but he jerked it down. He should not be indulging in this--this--this… he didn’t know what this was.  Yet there was a certain pep in his step. His mind whirled. His Xi and Xa sparked. He hadn’t felt so hopeful in a long time though he could not exactly identify why, as his problems were just as they had been, except for Jace not being angry with him.

Happiness. This is unadulterated happiness.

At least it was when he wasn’t scolding himself for his actions. But it was done. He had kissed Jace. Jace had enthusiastically responded. They had determined to wait to pursue it until things with the Alliance had been worked out.

Can things be worked out? Without violence?  

Though he could think of many reasons why things would not lead to a peaceful or fruitful conclusion, he found himself unwilling to think about them at this moment. He was most definitely insane.

The door to Jace’s quarters opened and he was face to face with a metallic skeleton with flaming red eyes that stood seven feet tall. He went for his rahir, only to realize he didn’t have it. He reached for his draagves, but he didn’t have that either. He only had a momentary thought that such a monster should not have been allowed to get this far into the ship unless there had been a major malfunction with the Osiris. But he was already moving. He struck out with one fist at its head while swinging around a leg to strike at the thing’s lower body. His fist was caught in one of the metal clawed hands and his leg was blocked by the other with no difficulty. 

“Khoth!  What’s wrong?” A female voice, slightly higher pitched than most women he had dealt with, came out of the metallic maw.

Khoth froze. “G-Gehenna?!”

“Yes! You didn’t guess right away?” she asked, sounding absolutely astounded that he would not know her in this monstrous form.

“Ah… no,” he responded quietly as she released his fist.

“Well, you are not as up to date on human entertainment so you wouldn’t recognize the Terminator!” she cried with evident glee.

Terminator? My understanding of that word is not… not one I would associate with you,” he stated.

“Oh, but it is! It fits me perfectly if you understood the story!  Oh, it’s a wonderful story about good machines and bad machines. The good machines are so marvelous and defeat the bad machines and earn love from humanity!” she burbled.

He stared at the death’s head with its magma colored eyes that seemed to burn with malevolence. “I still do not understand… what happened to your other body?” 

“It alarmed people!  They were afraid of me and I didn’t want that!” she informed him.

“And you think this form will not alarm them?” Khoth kept his voice neutral even as his gaze flickered over the steel limbs capable of crushing a human under its metal heel or the claw-like hands that could rip out a tender human heart. 

He couldn’t imagine under any circumstances that humans would not be alarmed--if not terrified--by a grim looking, metal skeleton with flaming eyes.

“Oh, yes! You see in the movies the Terminator ended up being the good guy, like I said!  He took care of John and Sarah Connor and--Jace! What do you think about my new body?” Gehenna asked with evident expectations of delight as Jace came up behind Khoth.

Jace got out a choked laugh. “The Terminator, huh? Well, uhm, that’s… an interesting choice. I did wonder what you were going to come up with.”

Khoth’s heart began to beat faster at the sound of Jace’s voice.  He felt the warmth of Jace’s body as the young man slipped around him into the hallway so that they could stand side by side admiring Gehenna’s current form. His cheeks blued and his heart thudded quickly in his chest at Jace’s renewed nearness. 

I must get a hold of myself, Khoth told himself. We are to be colleagues. Friends. That is all. 

Khoth curled his fingers towards his palms and dug his nails into the soft flesh there to anchor himself. 

“You don’t like it, Jace?” Gehenna wailed. “I did so much research into my next form! I watched every Terminator film and read all the accompanying source material. I based my body on Arnold Schwarzenegger’s T-800, or as it is also designated, the 101.  How could you not find it wonderful?

“Yes, I can see that.” Jace nodded.

“The T-800 is a good artificial intelligence. It is the one who develops emotions and saves the day multiple times. It cares for a young man who will rescue the future from evil!” Gehenna enthusiastically explained her choice with many punctuations of her metal arms flying in all directions, nearly punching walls and the ceiling several times. 

“You’re right.” Jace nodded more vigorously. “I--I can definitely see that you thought this through.  It’s just...”

“Exactly! Now, instead of being scared of me, humans will embrace me as their protector!” Gehenna saluted him.  But she slowly lowered the hand and those red eyes seemed to burn with a greater intensity. “You do not seem to agree with my careful assessment of how this will go.”

Another laugh escaped Jace’s mouth but he quickly brought a hand up to cover it. “Oh, I think General Intoshkin will enjoy your new form greatly.”

“He will? Why especially him?” Gehenna asked suspiciously. 

That sweet voice coming from this monstrous seven-foot tall behemoth was disconcerting.

“Because he’d love to have an army of Terminators at his disposal,” Jace told her.  Then his forehead furrowed as he asked, “Could that be done?”

“Not from the Osiris,” Gehenna said. “But the Altaeth have many worlds yet unexplored where we might find something of use!  My databases indicate quite a few though I do not have access to their defense grids to know the state they are in.”

Jace turned to Khoth. The young man was still wearing only those pair of light, drawstring pants and no shirt. His chest was a picture of perfection with highly defined muscles, golden skin, slightly darker nipples and a faint line of golden-brown hair running beneath the waistband of his pants. Khoth knew human anatomy. There would be a thatch of curls between Jace’s legs and--  He dug his fingernails into his palms harder. He must keep control of himself!

“Wouldn’t robots like this be useful against the Khul especially? No chance of infection,” Jace pointed out.  “And no deaths either.”

Khoth nodded. “We attempted using synthetics against the Khul, but we were not successful.  We lost contact with them once they entered Khul ships. Even those programmed to act without direct control seemed to have malfunctioned and then… they were returned to us.”

Jace frowned. “Returned?”

“Yes, they were reprogrammed and sent to large cities to be used as mobile bombs. We stopped using them after that,” Khoth answered.  “But these synthetics were not Altaeth-make so perhaps something fashioned out of their technology would work better.”

“Gehenna was okay in the Hive,” Jace said, tapping his chin.  

“Yes, I was great!” Gehenna pumped one of her huge arms into the air above her head, once again, nearly punching a hole in the ceiling.

“You were. So maybe we should look into using Altaeth-tech synthetics,” Jace suggested.

Khoth nodded. He didn’t trust himself to speak around Jace exactly at that moment. He found his voice wanted to drop an octave lower.  

“Are you okay?” Jace touched his elbow briefly.

That slight touch through his suit sent a flare through his system. 

“I am… I am adequate… for the tasks set ahead of me,” Khoth got out.

Jace’s eyebrows rose. “You are more adequate! Thaf’ell are superior.”

“You are teasing me,” Khoth remarked with a smile.

“Always.” Jace grinned back.

Khoth felt some of the tension ease.  This was Jace. Not a stranger even as his body seemed to be acting… differently now towards the young man.  It was Jace who was sensible and serious and affectionate and kind and brave and...

It was the kiss. That is what is causing me to see him so differently… or, not differently, but so much more intensely.

Khoth suddenly wished with all his might that he had waited to break off his friendship with Thammah. He had never felt this way before, but he guessed she would have a greater understanding of these things. Or, at least, she would snap him out of doing anything foolish.  But her good advice was lost to him. 

Nor could he confide the changes happening to him to anyone else than her. Not even his father. Especially not his father. Though he would soon lose the chance to talk to his father at all in the near future. He had betrayed the Alliance. He would be exiled. He wondered if he should tell his mother before the first formal meeting occurred. Probably. But, despite these grim thoughts, he still felt buoyed by Jace’s presence.

Gehenna was looking between the two of them. Her head cocked to the side. She clearly noticed something was different between them. The metal face though was locked into a hideous grin so he couldn’t read what she felt about the matter, and he was rather grateful she didn’t say anything. At least, she didn’t say anything out loud or to him.

“By the way, you do have your own quarters despite what the Osiris told you, Khoth. Let me take you to them. They’re just down the hallway here,” Jace said. “Right next to mine and across the hall from my parents.”

Khoth was surprised at how his heart seemed to fall into his feet. But, of course, he should have a separate set of quarters from Jace. If they were going to keep things purely platonic for a time they would need separate quarters. 

Just as Jace was opening the door for them, General Intoshkin exited Jace’s parents’ quarters. He was putting on his cap. He took one look at Gehenna and jolted to a stop. Gehenna, seeing his reaction, crowed and clanked over to him eagerly.

“General!” she cried. “Jace said you would appreciate my new form the most! Am I not friendly-looking? I am a protector!”

She put her hands on her hips and turned her head to the side, lifting it up slightly, as if she were gazing into the far horizon. The general had taken one step back from her, but he’d just hit the wall. He blinked rapidly now. 

“Gehenna?” General Intoshkin gasped out.

“Yes, of course! Who else would it be?” Gehenna’s arms dropped to her sides. “Khoth didn’t recognize me either, at first. That’s… that’s distressing.”

The general stepped towards her, reaching out a tentative hand to touch the metal chest plate. He then slowly walked around her. Gehenna turned her head to follow his progress but otherwise remained still as he inspected her.

“By God, she’s the Terminator!” General Intoshkin let out a choked laugh.

“Yes! As I told Jace and Khoth, I wanted to choose a form that would evoke protectiveness and wonder! Have I succeeded?” she asked. 

Her metal hands came together, much like her pincers had done in the robot body, and twined with one another nervously.  The general stopped his circling directly in front of her. He was smiling broadly.

“Well, I’ll be damned! And I thought this day couldn’t get better,” General Intoshkin stated. “Can we make more of you?”

“That’s what Jace asked!  I’m so glad you think this form is so wonderful that you want more of them!” Gehenna jumped up and down. 

The floor didn’t exactly shake, but there was a very solid thunk when she landed. Jace was pinching the top of his nose and looking down as she spoke to the general. A smile was twitching suspiciously on his lips, but he was trying to hide it.

“Indeed! I think you are most wonderful, Gehenna. And I wouldn’t mind a few thousand of you at my disposal,” the general said as he petted her shining exo-skeleton.

“Oh, there’s only one me. But if we find a fabricating facility sufficient to create more robot bodies like this one, perhaps I can create linked forms, but--”

“There’s a lot of buts in there.” The general’s happiness dimmed.

“Indeed! As there are in life!” Gehenna was still vigorously happy. “But this is more than you knew before was possible. So there is that.”

“True!” The general was grinning again. “The Osiris is a wonder all on its own though…” and here General Intoshkin turned to Jace with a slight frown, “I’ve been severely restricted to only certain parts of the ship. I need access to everything, Jace. This is a US military vessel now.”

Jace’s head lifted at those words. The smile that had been threatening to break out across his face was completely missing. His expression was neutral if Khoth were to describe it. 

“Actually, General, it isn’t,” Jace said firmly. 

The general’s complexion darkened. “Are you saying this is an Alliance vessel then? Because, son, they don’t have our best interests at heart!”

Jace’s voice didn’t rise, it was calm, as he answered, “No, the Osiris is my vessel. I am the Pilot. The ship, myself and its crew will be a source of good for all enemies of the Khul.  But we will be neutral, representing no single world or species or alliance.”

Khoth was not surprised by Jace’s determination. He had spoken of it before, but he couldn’t help but be impressed with how certain Jace was about his position.

A vein twitched in the general’s right temple. “Now look here, Jace, I’ve entertained your--your claims of independence so far, but we have agreements with the Alliance about this ship! It was found on Earth by humans. Possession as they say is 9/10s of the law!  You can’t just take it!”

“I know that this is distressing to you and has upended yours and others’ plans,” Jace answered simply, “but the Osiris is my ship and it will only respond to my commands. Not yours or any other military personnel.  Any agreement you made with the Alliance is irrelevant.”

“So you’re an army of one?! Bah!” the general shouted.

“Hardly that,” Jace said as he gestured to Gehenna who was now glaring at the general. Though really she had been glaring the whole time, but this time Khoth was sure she meant to. “I am very concerned about Earth, sir. I will not let humanity go unprotected. And it is very much my desire that Earth join the Alliance and have the same rights and privileges as all other member species.  I will work towards these goals with the Alliance. And I hope that humanity will work with me to offer their best and brightest to join my crew.”

“We could just take the ship from you, son,” the general said softly.

“You can try. We can go that route. Do you want to go that route?” Jace asked evenly, seemingly unconcerned.

Human technology was not Altaeth tech, but Khoth was certain that the Osiris could disable that human tech as easily. Maybe more so.

“I like you, Jace. I don’t want any harm to come to you,” the general stated and there was honesty in his voice.

“And I don’t want anything to happen to you either, General. I’d like us to be friends, not adversaries,” Jace told him.

“The higher ups will never agree!” General Intoskin took off his cap and slapped it against his thigh. “This ship has been ours for decades! They’re not going to just hand it over to some kid, no matter how high powered.”

“Unless you help me convince them,” Jace offered. 

“You’re extraordinary, Jace, but to let go of this power? You ask too much,” the general answered again with surprising honesty.

“I know, but it’s only ever been an illusion that the Osiris was in your power in the first place,” Jace told him. “There’s a huge role for humanity to play in what’s coming. There are so many possibilities out there, General. But you’ve got to realize that it’s not just the United States or humanity that’s important. There’s so much more. Right now, the Alliance doesn’t think humanity is fit to be included in it, because we’re too independent. We won’t listen. We won’t share. We want to be in charge.”

“We do!” The general gave a soft laugh. 

“I know, but you have to earn it. Don’t you think you can?” Jace quirked up an eyebrow.

“Are you issuing a challenge?” The general almost looked like he wanted to take Jace up on it. 

“Maybe I am. The universe is vast and humanity doesn’t know… a lot about it. Maybe once we do, and we show our leadership skills, then the others will clamber for us to do so,” Jace said. “But you can’t expect that now.”

“We can because the Osiris is ours and it’s what the Alliance wants! They’re willing to offer quite a bit to get use of it,” the general stated. “We can come right in.”

“I would not be so sure about that,” Jace said. He still didn’t seem angry. 

“Do you have some… ah, inside information on that?” General Intoshkin’s gaze slid to Khoth and then back to Jace.

Jace sighed. “I think that the High Councillor and you have a lot in common regarding who believes they are in charge and who deserves control over the Osiris. But both of you are wrong. I hope… I hope I won’t have to show you just how wrong you are.”

“Jace, you’re putting your parents into a very difficult situation here. I’m going to have to take steps if you really aren’t willing to acknowledge the Osiris as the US military’s,” General Intoshkin said with a frown.

It was here that Jace did tense. His eyes narrowed. “General, I’m responsible for my actions alone. My parents are not.”

“Even if that is the case, it will reflect badly upon them!” the general stated emphatically.

“I know and so do they,” Jace said, still stiff. “But I need to stay independent. You may not realize it, but that’s what is best for humanity. I will be able to do what has to be done without political consequences hanging over any people. Don’t you see that?”

Khoth expected the general to push that aside, but he didn’t. 

“Son, I see what you’re getting at, but the Osiris is too powerful--”

“It’s not yours to give up,” Jace repeated earnestly. “You’re not losing anything. I’m asking you to be a part of what I’m doing. A big part. Through the crew’s actions on the Osiris with the greater universe, humanity will prove itself worthy.”

General Intoshkin’s eyes went distant as he was clearly thinking about this. Finally, he focused on Jace again. “It’s not my call. I will be informing my superiors and will see what they say.  But I doubt it will be good.”

Jace, surprisingly, gave a smile. “I imagine I’m going to be disappointing a lot of people today. But I know what I’m doing.”

The general studied him curiously for long moments. “I see you believe that. That’s something anyway.”  He then turned to Gehenna. “Won’t you come with me, young lady? I’d like the higher ups to get a gander at you.”

But Gehenna shook her head. “I’m sorry, General, but now I see that your superiors will see the greatest of this wonderful form and only want the Osiris more not less.”

He sighed. “That would be true.”

“Jace’s plan is the right one. I will not undermine it even if… if I must go back to my old form.” She lowered her head to glare at the floor though Khoth believed she meant to look very sad and forlorn.

“The tentacles are… well, interesting too.” The general then turned on his heel and stalked off down the corridor.

Jace let out a sigh as he leaned against the wall. “That went both better and worse than I thought.”

“You do not believe the general, or his superiors, will give up their claim to the Osiris?” Khoth asked, already knowing the answer.

“Of course not. I didn’t think they would. At least not now. But I wanted to plant the seed in the general’s mind that there’s another way. Or maybe it's the way I hope humanity will react,” Jace answered. 

“Do you believe the general will use force against us to try and take the Osiris?” Khoth asked quietly, determined to go get his weapons.

“There is a 98.3% chance of that!” Gehenna stated too brightly. “Oh, wait, that’s bad. Those are bad odds for us. Or for them really!  They’re going to be in a world of hurt.”

Jace let out a huff of laughter as he raked a hand through his hair. “We’re not going to hurt anyone or let anyone hurt us. We’ve got to show them our power, but use it responsibly.”

“Yes, Pilot!” Gehenna saluted him.

Jace pushed off from the wall and gave Khoth a wan smile. “It’s going to be another long day. Let’s get ready and meet for breakfast, okay? We’ve got a lot of planning to do.”

“Indeed, Pilot,” Khoth said with a formal bow

A strange look passed over Jace’s face. He reached out and lightly touched Khoth’s cheek. “I need you to remember I’m Jace and not just the Pilot, okay?”

Khoth knew there were layers upon layers to that statement. “I understand, Jace.”

“Good.” Jace grinned. “Let’s get this party started.”

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  • Gehenna is really silly in her antics but also kind of loveable. I think she will need a lot more tries to find her perfect body. But I'm looking forward to every single one of them and her explanations.
    Meeting the general before the talks wasn't something I expected but it's good for testing the water in what to expect later. Let's hope the general can convey Jaces way to the higher-ups, although I doubt it. I'm not sure he is even going to try because he sees just the 'almighty' Osiris and what possibilities could arise but not the big picture. That's what Jace is for.
    I really hope Khoth is talking to Thammah rather sooner than later. He really needs her to understand his Xi at this moment and I see a great friendship between those two in the near future.
    Khoths is cute in his insecurity in what he wants from and with Jace. At the moment he is in denial and at the same time hoping for more. When he thought he had to live in Jaces quarters it was too much but getting his own is making him unhappy. He really needs to figure his own feelings/Xi out!

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  • So I’m new to the Ray the reign community. I joined recently to read the merman 2 after finding and finishing the first series on kindle. I’m in the process of “re-listening” to it on audible now. :) This is the second story of yours I’ve tried.
    I wanted to start by telling you, that you have great characterization. I love the way your characters approach and think about things. The perspective that you bring and the dialect from the AI‘s is just really smart and fun to read. I have to say Jace is my favorite character of yours so far. I’m looking forward to seeing what comes next and starting another series while I’m waiting.
    I’m positively terrified of centipedes so I’m surprised I made it through the battle in the hive. The character’s mindset and perseverance inspires you to keep reading. Anyway, I’m really enjoying your site and stories. I’m glad I joined. Thank you for writing and keep up the wonderful creative process as it seems you’ve got quite a number of fans, including me now. :)


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  • I know I have not been commenting lately, but seriously though, every chapter, in every story, has left me feeling, "WOW". Love the direction you are going in all the stories. I think you where having Jace hoping the General would change Gehenna's view as to her appearance. Would be amusing only to those familiar with the Terminator for sure. But I could see Diane Parker being the one to help Gehenna with her next look. Should be someone strong, but soft too, that could hug and smile when called upon with her impulsiveness, a kittybot would be somewhat limited. Doesn't mean she could not make herself a companion. I have already expressed my opinion a time or two that both High Councilor Voor and the General need to be shown a small sample of the power Jace can wheel. Such as, sending the Alliance fleet back into the Ashaton's cargo bay and lock them down, and take their control away from them completely, they all need to feel very helpless and foolish. Would be funny if Osiris turns on a frequency for all planets to connect and see the display, of course this would not make them feel too friendly towards the Orsiris, but Orairis' suggestion was to kill them.
    I think Khoth needs to explain to Thammah why he did what he did towards her and apologize to her in trying to make her decision for her with out giving her a chance to come to her own conclusions. I see Jace making a position for both of his parents if they would so choose it, his father could train pilots( that is once he learns the in and outs of the Altaeth ships, and his mother already indicated earlier that she liked the idea of an ambassador and though normally parents working with their children would be difficult the Orsiris is a very large ship and I can see it being filled , thus they would each have their respective responsibilities and should not be a factor. Who knows maybe even his old boss Willie could be a quarter master in charge of supplies. Thammah would make a good squadron commander, though she would be in charge of all pilots and the various squadrons. I coud see her seeking Jack's council from time to time as she grows into it. Khoth, now his position would be unique, seeing as Jace can be litterally anywhere and everywhere he is needed, but Khoth could be his liaison or second in command sort of, if Jace is a supreme commander then Khoth would be his high commander, talking about slapping his momma down a peg with her last oders to him, that would do it.

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  • Time to show the alliance and the US military who’s the boss! Like simultaneously would be hilarious. Both sides are like “ka-duh, why isn’t my tech working *pounding metaphorical keyboards*.” I’m looking forward to some badass gate travel, and of course the deepening of their relationship! Maybe all those comm logs of alliance officials can be used for some nice blackmail material down the road? Hmmm....;)

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  • The first thing Jace should do is go to the armory and get some personal shields. Then give them to everyone he cares for (his parents, Khoth, Thammah, a day maybe Sami too).

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  • The general is as much of a hypocrite as is to be expected of most people with power and ego. Sadly, people who are inmune to power's corruption are very few and far in between.

    “By the way, you do have your own quarters despite what the Osiris told you, Khoth.
    Wouldn't be surprised if a door were to magically appear uniting their 2 rooms :D.
    This is a US military vessel now.”
    Yeah, need to go begin the nth middle east war stat.
    “Are you saying this is an Alliance vessel then? Because, son, they don’t have our best interests at heart!”
    The Alliance has no right to tell us what to do!
    we have agreements with the Alliance about this ship! It was found on Earth by humans.
    But at the same time this ship is ours because the Alliance said so, so how dare you question our legitimacy to the ownership of this vessel!
    “The higher ups will never agree!” General Intoskin took off his cap and slapped it against his thigh. “This ship has been ours for decades! They’re not going to just hand it over to some kid, no matter how high powered.”
    “Unless you help me convince them,” Jace offered.
    Convince them of what? That gravity exists? That the Earth is round? Convincing someone to accept reality is alwlays frustrating to me. Things are as they are. The general's attitude like his higher ups have any more power than the week before Jace bonded the Osiris is hilarious. His higher ups can either accept reality with a smile and graciousness or have their faces shoved into reality and lose any goodwill they might have had with Jace.

    The threat of using his parents against him is sad, but predictable, and the 3 will need to make a decision fast.
    1. Abandon the military and join the Osiris (not thrilled with this idea, but if its the only way to keep them safe I could see it happen).
    2. Threaten to kill anyone responsible for harming his parents and then destroy a lot of shit to get his point accross that he is ruthless in his protection of them (doubt Jace has it in him to do this)
    3. His parents choose to stay in the military knowing it could mean their torture or deaths and Jace walks away and hopes for the best.

    Much love to all, we need all the happiness we can get in these trying times, and reading is one constant, beautiful source of happiness!

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  • Comments on Chapter 34:
    It appears that the general, like the High Councillor, needs a little harmless demonstration of Osiris' capabilities before he can make a case to his superiors, who are no doubt underestimating both Jace and his ship.

    I wonder if a complete cutoff of all military communications, including cell phones and computer networks, at the base would be enough. Armies are helpless these days without their digital toys - and they can hardly plan an attack on the Osiris if they have to do everything face to face.

    Jake also needs to immediately monitor any communications between the general and his superiors first, before any cutoff, so he can get an idea of what they might be planning.

    He really needs a comms officer to monitor everything in real time, and report the salient bits to him in summary form. I think that's a top priority. Gehenna? I'm sure she can do that, using feeds from the Osiris, and carry on other duties at the same time. Very useful.
    BTW, Khoth's formal acknowledgement at the end signals that he now considers himself a member of the Osiris' crew, under Jace's command. Honor requires him, I think, to report his resignation from his Alliance position to his mother as soon as it's feasible - after confirming with Jace that his new position on the Osiris is formally offered and accepted. They can work out the details later (e.g. his designation as the Osiris' official representative to the Alliance), but his formal acknowledgement of Jace's command is essential.

    I wonder if Captain Parker will also be willing to resign his current American military position, to sign on to the Osiris' crew in a similar manner (he (or his wife - or will she stay with the general as liaison to the Osiris and the Alliance?) might act as Osiris' liaison to the American government). If he can report to his wife, he can report to his son.

    Ditto Thammah.

    Lots of decisions to be made - quickly.

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  • In reply to: toughlove

    It appears that the general, like the High Councillor, needs a little harmless demonstration of Osiris' capabilities before he can make a case to his superiors, who are no doubt underestimating both Jace and his ship.
    Yes, this must happen...

    He really needs a comms officer to monitor everything in real time, and report the salient bits to him in summary form. I think that's a top priority. Gehenna? I
    I think you're right.

    BTW, Khoth's formal acknowledgement at the end signals that he now considers himself a member of the Osiris' crew, under Jace's command. Honor requires him, I think, to report his resignation from his Alliance position to his mother as soon as it's feasible
    Yes, this is very true.

    I wonder if Captain Parker will also be willing to resign his current American military position, to sign on to the Osiris' crew in a similar manner (he (or his wife - or will she stay with the general as liaison to the Osiris and the Alliance?) might act as Osiris' liaison to the American government). If he can report to his wife, he can report to his son.
    I think Jack will join the Osiris, but the mom will stay with the military b/c she can hopefully curb the wrong headed impulses there.

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  • Aww Khoth. Yeah you really need her friendship back and talk with her.
    Jace was absolute marvelous in his handling of the General.
    The day is going to be hard, but he will do great and he has a big blue shoulder to lean on in the breaks.
    Gehenna is like a child sometimes and it makes her so sweet. She wasn't wrong with her research, but she didn't really understand. But i guess now she knows that she needs to change her form again.
    And i am glad for that....it would be quite disturbing to hav the terminator behaving like a sweet little girl.

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  • In reply to: Tiky

    Jace was waiting for the general to do this.

    This day for him... could it top the first? I don't know. Possibly! Maybe taking out a Hive would be easier.

    Gehenna didn't quite understand fully the take-away from The Terminator... yeah... yeah...

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