What does Membership get you?

Everything On the Site.

What does 'everything' include? 
  • ALL NOVELS - on the site (not the shop) updated with new chapters every few days. 50,000 words a month! And a new novel comes online a minimum of every 4 months.
  • ALL MANGA - on the site (not the shop) each manga is updated twice a week. New manga are added all the time.
  • ALL SHORT STORIES/NOVELLAS - on the site (not the shop) these are unscheduled, but they are posted often.
What's the catch?
  • You have to be at least 18 years-old to become a Member.
  • You can only pay with a credit card/debit card here (all countries' cards accepted EXCEPT AMERICAN EXPRESS).
  • There is also a PayPal option, but if you use direct bank account deposit there is a delay until the e-check clears.
How much is Membership going to cost me?

You choose! The prices go down the more you months you buy!

  • 1-Month = $9.95 USD (recurring)
  • 3-Months = $28.00 USD (recurring)
  • 6-Months = $55.00 USD (recurring)
  • 1-Year = $100.00 USD (recurring)

And don't worry - billing is discreet! All it will say is Raythe Reign on your bill. No one but you and us will know what that means.

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