Poll_Blo_20190212-235931_1 Shop Items!

As some of you know, we are redoing the shop!  But we're not just giving it a facelift so that it looks as awesome as the new main site, but it will also have NEW things for you to purchase such as prints and other merchandise.  But while the shop is for me to have RR shirts... uhm, wait, what?  Okay, the shop is really for YOU. Which means that we need to know what you want, and also what you are willing to actually BUY.  

So please answer the questions below HONESTLY. You will not hurt our feelings if you do not want something. We are only going to put on the shop things that you will buy. The shop will launch with a curated selection of items and we will rotate in things that you want and rotate out things you don't.

Plushies and an art book are in the works, so when you get to the last poll question, which asks you what YOU want that we haven't mentioned keep that in mind.


 We will start off with the following stories that will have prints: Dragon's Reign, Ever Dark and The Elven King's Blade.  We want you to pick ONE MORE story to have its art up for the launch. Remember that we will be adding and rotating out stories so if your favorite isn't chosen for the launch, no worries, it will be up later.

Which Raythe Reign story should we make into a print?

What Other Merch Do You Want? 

‚ÄčThe poll below is looking to see what things other than Prints and the Manga you would actually like to purchase.  We'll put together the top contenders for the launch based on your selections. Remember, if you're lukewarm on something, that's okay! Don't select it. Only vote on things you really want to buy.

What other merch do you truly want?

What Are We Missing? 

The above are our best guesses that we have on what we think you want. But now, we want to hear what we are missing. Where would you like us to put our time and your money?  Again, just put down those things that you really want and would pay for. An art book and plushies are already being looked into so don't put down those.