The Raythe Reign Times: April 2021

Catch up on what's happening at Raythe Reign for this month.  What's ending soon?  What's just getting started?  When is Raythe expecting to release her next book?

Calendar Events

April 1 - the last chapter of Tide Bound, supposedly. 
* 5 chapters of Ever Dark Academy 
* 4 of Empire of Stars 
* 3 of Dragon's Reign.  Dragon's Reign is still on target to have the last chapters in May. I think.

Books & Audiobooks

Cinders & Ashes 3 (ebook) came out on March 27, yaaay!

* C&A 4 not until September ( Raythe wants more time to make sure this is as good as she can get it, because there are only 2 more books. (They'll probably be on the longer side though.) 
* We are not sure when C&A 3 audiobook will be out, because the voice actor is quite busy, but he's committed to the entire series. 
* April 3 - 25 audiobook codes for Members (on the blog as usual.) 
* EOS Live Reading on April 17! The only one this month.

Free Stuff

Merman 1 free on April 15-19 (
Cursed Smoke free on April 29-May 3 (

Community Space

Amazing fan art for Raythe's Birthday by Mouri (see below)! 
Amazing fan art & original art channel on the Discord! 
Membership giveaways - like gifted Twitch subs, but for Raythe Reign. 
Join in here: (it works, I checked.)