AMA_Blog Answers to YOUR Questions!


So the other week you asked questions both here and on Youtube and I (tried to) answer them!  Check it out below.

Raythe answers reader questions! 

00:16 - Have you thought about making audiobooks for completed serials? 

02:41Have you thought about making a disabled main character? 

05:01What about another story podcast for the membership? 

06:01 - Why does Tidebound only get 2 chapters / month (and the others get 3)?

06:40 - How do you keep multiple stories going at once?

09:26 - How do you keep your sex scenes sexy? 

10:32 - Have you abandoned the Date A Vampire manga? 

11:11 - What's going on with non-US shipping for shop items? 

12:34 - Is there any way to have more non-Facebook polls and other content? 

13:37 - When does Vampire's Club #5 audio come out? What's the normal lag time between the book and the audio? 

16:05 - Do you plan to write more in the Dragon's Reign universe? 

16:37 - How did you start Raythe Reign? 

18:16 - What is this story, 'The Burn'? It's not on the site. 

18:58 - Will Dark Magic be starting this year? 

21:02 - Where does the name 'Raythe Reign' come from? 

22:12 - Are you going to write more 'Ghost' stories?