Help_Blog Help Us Out!

So it is my birthday today... yeah, I'm sure you can imagine that the day is not as happy as it could be, but, in all honesty, I am trying to be grateful for every good thing. I am not sick. No one I know is sick. I have plenty of food (though not toilet paper...), a roof over my head, friends and family (though I can only see them from a far or online), my writing and all of you. 

One of the things that has really helped has been talking to people rather than just writing texts whether it be over Zoom or Google or FB. It breaks the feeling of isolation quite a bit and it's been actually a lot of fun and lifted everyone's spirits. So the Raythe Reign Team and I were thinking of how we can do that with you. 

​If you want that...

So our idea would be to use the Facebook Live feature which would allow you guys to hear me (I don't know if you can talk as well, likely no, but I'm not sure) at least. And we could do a variety of things. What are those things? I'm so glad you asked!

Live AMA 

​We could do a Live AMA where you guys can ask questions of me about pretty much anything. About the stories, about my writing, about me (boring!!!), etc. I only worry about spoilers here for those that don't want to know them.

Raythe Reads to You! 

Some of you have been so kind to say that you enjoy my dramatic readings of Dragon's Reign and would like to hear more from me. We could have you guys vote on me reading a particular chapter our of a particular story. It won't be as "polished" as Dragon's Reign, because Kat makes me sound good, but it will hopefully be fun.  The chapter would be chosen in advance and voted upon by all of you!

Or Whatever Else You/We Think Of! 

​The idea is for you to have fun. So I only want to do if you guys think this would be a good idea. Please let me know in the comments what you think about these ideas and any ideas YOU have for what you would like to see!