AMA_Blog Ask Raythe Anything!

We haven't done an AMA in awhile and with the new year on the way, I thought it would be a good time to do one! I actually answered some questions I've seen or think you might have. But I want you to ask me questions in the comments and I will answer them in the days and weeks coming up.

So don't be shy! Ask away.

Here's a list of the questions I answered and their timestamp on the video:

00:45 - Cancellations & refunds. It's remarkably easy because we're real people, all 3 of us. 

03:51 - How many people work at Raythe Reign? 

05:13 - Why is there no editor for serial stories? 

07:03 - What story should you read first? 

07:20 - Are you going to make more serials into book series on Amazon? 

09:01 - Are you going to make a podcast for Ever Dark? 

10:27 - Where does all the money go from your subscription? 

11:30 - What do you want to know?