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I'm giving away 25 Codes for Cinders & Ashes (Gay Retelling of Cinderella Romance) (Book 3) Audiobook for FREE. I will give the codes to the first 25 people to comment below; however, some caveats:

  1. Make sure you put your EMAIL in the comment or you won't get a code.
  2. Audible restricts codes by territory and I cannot fix this. So any of you who can access the US store can use these codes, but some of the other stores do not honor this. I hate this, but it's out of my hands.
  3. If you've gotten a code before, please let others have a chance to win.
  4. Please make sure to use your codes because others would have loved them who might not have gotten one.
  5. The new rules by Audible is that you can only use the codes for the book specified (in the past you could use them for any book, but not anymore).

 Can a human king and a Fae prince's love overcome ancient hate?

Former servant Finn Ashton is now Prince Finrael Ravenspar, beloved son and heir of Fae King Thalanil. Though Finn has finally found his true family, Finn's heart belongs to human King Rohan De Clare, whom his father has banished from the Fae Empire forever.

After seeing Fae magic with his own eyes, Rohan realizes that Fae and humans must work together to restore balance to the land. With his kingdom beset by dangers on all sides, Rohan finds it difficult to focus as he has left a piece of himself with his Fae prince lover, Finn. Rohan sees his chance to save his kingdom--and his heart--by proposing a ball and an alliance with the Fae.

Unfortunately, the ball won't just bring together allies, but enemies.